Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday, November 6, 2011 - God Talk

Awoke too early, 2:40am, after the clocks turned back. I was trying to gradually adjust my pill-time around that six hour fasting period I've got to go through for the Nov 10th PET Scan and the time change set it all back to the beginning. Darn. If my math is right, I'm back to taking it every six hours on a 10am/pm - 4am/pm schedule instead of the 11am/pm - 5am/pm schedule I was working toward. Did I mess that up? Is a simple math problem messing with my mind?

MRI went well, as expected, just noisy. I fell asleep in it anyway. I've slept in noisier places, like next to screaming turbine engines. No biggie. I just can't hear some frequencies anymore.

"The Times, They Are A Changing"... Bob Dylan. "I Ain't gonna' work on Maggie's Farm no mo..." Bob Dylan. Man, are you right! The talk is about Occupy. I agree with Pat Thurston, KGO Radio Host, this morning. It isn't just a movement. It's a REVOLUTION! Good! And, "The Right" is on the wrong side of it. Good! And those wavering on the fence, get on board; you're being left behind. This thing is steamrolling over The Right and you.

Oh, I'm hearing all the complaints and accusations; hurting innocent businesses, associated with all sorts, Communists, Nazis, KKK, you name it, "No Job low lifes!", "Dope smokers," "Hoodlums," and on and on. Perhaps some are, but that doesn't seem to be the focus, main purpose or intent. These people want justice, so whatever you say about it will not matter. I pray that Occupy will have its way.

Brent Walters, host of KGO's God Talk, was next. He is a Professor of Antiquities at San Jose University of California in the Greco-Roman-Judeo-Christian era. He's a joy. Today's three hours was on translations of the New Testament. It is so interesting and those who call in are too, some extremely well educated in the same time period and discipline from all over the world. A summary:

1. The "Written Word" is nearly useless in conveying understanding. You really need "Oral Teaching" to get the best understanding. So, toss the Bible on the shelf and go find a good oral teacher, preferably a person who spends a career studying antiquities, like Walters. You probably won't find too many preachers doing that.
2. The only useful purpose the King Jame's Bible serves is as a study of English Literature in the days of King James. It isn't good for anything else.

I had to laugh. Everyone knows about the "Left Behind" series of books, by Tim LaHaye, right? It turned into a giant, money making niche enterprise for the Christian Right. There are all kinds of stuff sold around the series. In the series, the "Taken" are those chosen and taken to Heaven, and the "Left Behind" are those who didn't cut the mustard and are left behind to suffer the trials and tribulations on a wicked Earth.

Bwahahahaha! Do you want to know what these terms, "Taken," and "Left Behind" meant on the steps of those Synagogues when those Rabbis discussed the coming of the Messiah in the time of Jesus? The term "Taken" meant taken to jail. The term "Left Behind" meant set free.

I have to confess to a great expectation of impish pleasure. I just can't wait to see the shocked look on the "taken's" faces when they are led off to jail! I know. I'm a rascal.

It will be okay...


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