Monday, December 26, 2011

A Rare Bird

CA initiates state protection for rare woodpecker:

I've been watching this woodpecker in our backyard for a few months now. He seems to be happy and oblivious to silly human endeavors. We've been having morning coffee together at first light for a while now. He has quiet a project going and I enjoy the company.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Redemption, Repentance and Salvation; But, first, a Status Update


1. I'm tailoring off of those wicked pills, now down to twice a day, verses four a day. Doc said I might see mood swings, but I don't seem to be. A little less sleepy too.

2. I can't seem to get the hang of smoking pot. It's stronger than I thought. I suspect a poor choice of the "tool," a pipe. I haven't given up, but I may go find one of those "starlight" shops for better ideas on paraphernalia, maybe a bong. The advancements in pot smoking has apparently taken new turns in recent years, where before it was more like a tobacco, it is now a cake of sorts that must be cut with a cutting tool to grind it down into a finer blend. Geo is advising me on finer smoking of pot. I'm trying to get it.

3. Dan and Kim are here for a visit after a long day on the tarmac. They were delayed in Salt Lake City on Delta. I told them to take Southwest. We had dinner at Bancheros, a six-course dinner, and they walked away pretty full.

4. I'm thinking that I like the changes at KGO Radio, Doug McCyntire, The Redeye Special, has taken over the night shift. At first, I thought he was another right-winger, another voice of Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly to the great beyond. Instead, he seems to have grabbed the limelight from Ray Talialfaro, an ultra-left liberal, who was getting monotonous. 

None of that dampens my spirits, it seems. Of course the great debate between Eastern Philosophy and Western Philosophy has always been the idea of Redemption, and whether it is relevant. Millions of Eastern Tibetan Monks would disagree with the idea of Redemption. They would strive for transcendental meditation that attained a level of peace and harmony in the cosmos, a new Being, a Buddha, but they wouldn't call it Redemption. It would simply be a level of self achievement, to be sure, but one of striving on their own, limited to their own achievement. It wouldn't be whole.

I know a woman who is a Pillar of her Community who can summon the peace and tranquility of the universe with a whisper. Her prayer reaches her entire Fortress, and frequently she stands with another of like power who keeps watch over a different Fortress, one of Justice. The one keeping watch over the love of community and the other over those special protected who trusts her. She will be successful. They will be protected in the fortress she's built, an astonishing Bulwark from boarder to boarder and coast to coast.

And so, it's sad to see the lost souls of Limbaugh stand in the Republican booth criticizing the community and with each slash of Limbaugh's tongue, a cut to the throat of Owensville's jugular, or at least an attempt to cut it's throat. I noticed, however, that an accusation didn't seem to work, that the taunting "She's a Republican," didn't really get the response desired. It came across like a graceless and unwanted bucket of cold water.

Redemption comes with the grace and power of repentance, of simply turning around to accept one's place in the Angels of community. How can Limbaugh touch a hair on these Beings' heads?

Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Random Thoughs

These past few days have got to be the most annoying of any I've had. They're tapering my medicine down to a stop. On 11/24 thru Dec 4, I was supposed three a day, down from four. Then 3 and 2.

Time is passing so slowly. I am dwelling on words.