Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 8th, 2011 Random Thoughts

Up way too early with nothing to do from 2:00 AM until biopsy time except think about important stuff.

I don't delegate important stuff. I wash my own clothes, fold my own jeans, grind my own coffee, pour my own milk, among a few...
1. I like my boot-cut jeans folded fore and aft, not flat with the folds to the side. If my jeans are flopping in the wind on the side when I walk, I'll put them back in the wash and start again clean or not.
2. If you come to my house for a cup of coffee, you'll drink my coffee "Drip Ground" fine. When I go to your house, I'll drink your coffee anyway you like it, and I will never complain.
3. I don't understand the question: "Now, what is the setting am I supposed to grind the coffee on?" Surely, we've established that by now!
4. I wash my own clothes. I see too many people jam the wash tub full with soap and clothes to use less water. Did you know that the most unique cleaning solution in the world is water? It will clean anything given the quantity and time to do it. So, I like more water in the tub than sticky soap and I set the dial to the full time allowed. It's all in the water.
5. Some people think that because I love milk that I love my glass filled to the brim. I don't! I love milk "ice cold," as cold as I can get it. So, if you fill a glass to the brim, the milk gets warmer faster than it will if I can drink it faster when there's less of it to drink. Whoala!
6. My brother likes ice cold milk too, but it is my impression that he allows others to wield too much power. I think he let's others control the temperature of his refrigerator and he compensates by using ice in his milk. I wouldn't have a frig that can't be controlled and I wouldn't allow anyone else to control it. It's 34-36 degrees, or it's out'a here... or maybe you are.

I'm a stickler for regimen and rules when it suits me, depending entirely on whose regimen it is. For example, if you tell me that I can't eat or drink anything but water after a given time, say for a medical procedure, blah, blah, blah, I'll likely use a clock that is slightly off... and squeeze in one cup of coffee early. Oh. Would you look at that clock? Now, I'll obediently drink water.

I'm sorry you caught me a little too ripe. It's all a matter of timing. You caught me at the end of my day before my next shower. Next time, perhaps we can meet a little earlier after my last one.

It wouldn't surprise me to learn that woman are the ultimate power in the universe. Old Socrates is credited with starting all of the hoopla with a claim to "Know Thyself." Ha! But, he was told to do that by the Oracle of Delphi. They were women. So, who in hell told them?!! Bwhahahaha!

Have to get ready to go... Talk later.


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