Thursday, November 10, 2011

November 10th, 2011 The PET Scan

Up at 3:47. It's a little more reasonable time. But, it meant that if I'm going to have one cup of coffee before my 10:45 PET Scan and do that six hour fasting period, I'd better get hot. I had one cup, without sugar, or anything with the suffix "trose" or "dose" in it, straight black, and the deed was done.

It's turning out that, in spite of a previous post that I said I was regimented to a particular blend of coffee, we may like this unauthorized blend (how fine it was ground) we bought. Well, "I" didn't buy it. I'm just using "we" to suggest that I'm probably part of the problem, here.

But, the question now is: Just what blend did we buy? Apparently, that's not known. It is definitely a finer grind, very close to the consistency of powder. That could mean some Espresso blend, a much higher notch on the grinder. So, if we're going to buy the same blend again, we now go into trial and error mode. Hell, that could take all year!

I see the Odorous Ants are back. A little line leads to our sink this morning. Now, I can use sugar on them in my special mix of Ant Killer: Two cups of hot water, ten teaspoons of pure sugar and one teaspoon of Borax. Dab a napkin in it, and sit it on the trail. They'll disappear soon and be gone for a good long time. I don't think their Queen likes the stuff her workers bring her. Makes her sick, or die.

I'm glad I talked to Dan about the PET. He gave me a few good ideas. First, I need a scan from the top of my head to my thighs or so, because I have brain masses they need to see. Good idea. Apparently a typical scan doesn't start at the top, but about the eyes.

Next is the no sugars. Those little devil masses love sugar, apparently, and they soak it up. So, if I starve them for six or more hours, that radioactive-sugar-solution they put in my veins gravitates to them and lights them up so the scanner can see them better. Makes sense to me.

The PET itself will last 45 minutes to one hour during which I need to lay still. I can manage that. I just have to make sure that I don't have a bony elbow laying on cold metal or something that annoys me. So, I'm going to get as comfortable as possible and fall asleep. After the PET, I'm going to eat a juicy hamburger.

Tomorrow night Mo and Geo are paying us a visit and we're going to have steamed Tiger Prawns, soup and salad, a butter-garlic-lemon dip and perhaps a baked potato. Simple meal with plenty of companionship. What more is there?

I have to say that I've received so much encouragement and uplifting comments, that I'm beginning to think that it is those things that cures the soul. If you want depression medication, let friends give you a big dose of that. It's what we humans love most. I've even carried the thought to the point where I'm positive that I personally know two powerful Angels on Earth and, what's more, I can pose an undeniable argument that proves it. Ha! We were using the wrong definition of them, looking in all of the wrong places and using the wrong detection tools. You can't find them by trying to look directly at them, because like any invisible celestial body, you won't see them with the naked eye. Instead, look for the effect of their power, like we look for the gravitational pull of an invisible planet on a star. They're there. Thanks a bunch, friends.

I'll let you think about that for a day or two...


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