Friday, November 4, 2011

November 4th, 2011

Re: The comment problem: I see that Google is working on the comment issue, focusing on the Microsoft IE browser. Google suggests that, in the meantime, I change some settings to make it easier. Well, I'll try, but to be honest, I've forgotten so many of my previous programming skills that cryptic web page instructions have become a mystery to me. I'll give it a shot as soon as I can.

Up at 3:57 again, time for The Pill. It's odd that I'm waking up on time without an alarm clock. Tried to go back to bed, but that's out. Got up and stayed up.

New appointments/To-Dos: (Had to retrogress to old technology; a common hand-written calendar. Can't keep track with on a computer! Although, I may use Windows Calendar just so I have a pop-up reminder four or five hours before the appointment. Got to have a damn button to click!)
- Tues. Nov 8, 8:00AM - Biopsy with Interventional Radiology (did I already mention this one?)
- Thur. Nov 10, 10:45 - Nuclear Med PET Scan, 2 hr procedure, fasting 6 hrs before - sked pill around the fasting period
- Fri. Nov 11, call to check that biopsy and PET results are in Oncology
- Mon, Nov 14, 8:50AM - Oncology, go over biopsy and PET (if possible). Plan the attack. May expect Thoracic Surgery. Shit! No telling what they'll see in there; probably a haunted house of stringy cobwebs of abuse.

The calendar is filling up. Steam is picking up...

Looked in the mirror this morning. So, it's YOU who are coming: Marsh Mellow Man. Not a caveman at all. At least I don't see any sign of overhanging, heavy brows yet! Look at you! Well, I can see wrinkles are disappearing and a slight puffiness. And, look at that! Laugh wrinkles! They're back! Well, we'll see how long this sticks, or whether it continues on into a moon face; another disguise. Chris said, "I want one of those pills!" Ha! She wants her wrinkles to disappear too. Well, let's think a while on that one! I love my Chris exactly like she is! No tinkering! Funny thing about women. I thought long ago that those young, beautiful women I knew in my youth would get old and unattractive. I'll be damned if they're not just as beautiful as they always were! Anyone know how that works, exactly?

Also checked my peripheral vision: is it still there? I don't want that creeping glaucoma-driven darkening circle to sneak around, slowly closing off my scope of sight. Got to read that book first! I'm increasing the frequency of eye exams to three months instead of six. Note to self: Gotta make one for January. And, what is with that zigzag line in my left eye vision from that cataract? That's an annoying little bastard that comes and goes!

I turned the heat on. The thermostat automatically set to 70, but I notched it down to 67. No need for 70 just yet. But, 62 is a bit chilly, so on it is! It rained last night, too. The first in a month, and likely the onset of winter rains from now until March or April or so. So, I'll turn the sprinklers off soon. Back to a reasonable water bill. Wonder if Monica is doing that too? I'll bet she is. Now there's a pair if there ever was one, M and G! Such good people that I've been so lucky to know.

They are honest to God intellectuals, both M and G. G seems to have the astonishing capability of remembering every damn thing he reads, and he reads everything as far as I can tell. In fact, his problem is that he can't read fast enough. I sympathize. And, M has a life-time of experience in analyzing human behavior, human motivation and the devious ways and paths in the mind yet with apt credit to good thinking. Man, can they do battle in a discussion! Most of the time way over my head! I've got to think about what they say and comeback later to finish a conversation, long after the relevance has already passed. It's almost meaningless by then! Way too late! But, it is invigorating. It tickles me when they go head to head with each other. I see a hint of stubborn chin from both when they do that. I'm not uncomfortable anymore, either, when they do their self battle. "There you go again, G," she'll say. "Changing the subject in the middle of our conversation! Awk! It never ends..." Ha-ha-ha. Hilarious! But, she's got a point, even though I sometimes agree with G - silently of course - protecting my own ass of course. I'll save my politicizing and philosophizing to farther below so M won't have to suffer through it. You're welcome, M! (Actually, as I return to finish this blog, I may have to save the pontificating for another blog. Don't have time to write it tonight to get this one out there.)

I see that Adam and Chris have found a way to dig the brownies out of that dish I forgot to butter before baking them. Ha! That was a chore, I'll bet. I baked two dishes, one with and one without pecans. I love the pecans, and they prefer them without. I notice, though, that most of the ones with pecans are gone! So much for that claim! Adam isn't working today. He doesn't work when it rains. He said he was thinking of going fishing, but he went back to bed. I'll swear, he can catch fish in a mud puddle. I started him on that route. So glad I did. I remember the day when all three boys, Damon, Adam and Marcus were at Kennedy Meadows and caught their first trout. Their eyes were as big as silver dollars! Grins from ear to ear, laughing with their mother and I. And, we cooked the trout right there at camp, a whole stringer full. Good eatin'!

Decided to stay home and cook a sliced Spam and Egg sandwich for Chris and I, with a little mayonnaise and Greek Feta cheese. An ice cold glass of milk topped it off!

Chris said she's "Freezing!" Now that's a kicker. She's usually complaining of being hot and I have to insist she go outside to cool off because I refuse to turn the heat down. If this keeps up, we may be able to spend winter in a normal temperature controlled environment!

It'll be fine...


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