Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15th, 2011 Symptom Update

I can see that it's time for a symptom update, especially to get rid of those terms that are no longer true; "dizzy" and "seasick." Those two terms applied the last week of October when everything seemed to hit the fan, the inability to eat, upset stomach, and wobbly walk that finally led me to the doctor. So, please don't tell people I'm "dizzy" or having "dizzy spells."

What is happening is an "un-centered" feeling where I have to move my feet to center my stance or walk or I roll on my heel or ball of my feet to gain balance. I appears to be slightly progressing. I use my cane all through the house now. My feet are swollen (my softest socks hurt), too - water I suspect. I've cut salt intake to zilch, too. Going up the stairs is a problem and I now have to step one step at a time, with the cane, instead of a step-after-step climb because it is such an effort to do the latter. Damn, this came on fast! I'm going to bring up the swelling and climbing effort at the meeting tomorrow to see what they say. Perhaps a medicine adjustment is needed or something else is going on.

I'm still in good spirits, in spite of the attempted smothering. Maybe there's a pill for that too.

Looking forward to tomorrow and the next step. I'll be fine...


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