Friday, November 11, 2011

November 11th, 2011

The PET is over and I'm set for a good diner tonight with friends and a quiet weekend. The PET went fine, except for a small inconvenience. I didn't get as comfortable as I would have wished. Once on that table, and they put a small pillow over my brow to hold my head still, they ask me to raise my arms and place them on the pillow edges, then they placed a strap across my arms to help hold them. Well, it didn't exactly hold them in place. I had to keep them from slipping off the edge of the pillow - for about an hour. I caught myself tensing up a number of times during the time, so I couldn't really relax. But, that one is over.

But, I did have that juicy hamburger afterwards, and half of Chris'. I then proceeded to eat the leftover Chicken Alfredo the rest of the day. Goodness! If I'm not careful, I'm going to get fat. A fat Dave. Imagine that?

Bird update:
The Hummingbirds were out yesterday, the one, a female I think, wanting a drink from the feeder and the male rushing in to keep her away. I noticed that the sparrows get out of the way when the Hummers play, scattering in all directions. I also noticed that when the Hummers shoot through the apple tree, leaves fly in all directions. I'm getting the impression that they are not all that careful flying at full speed.

The other day before it rained, I caught out of the corner of my eye a larger bird plunge into one of the bowl pines, then caught sight of him jumping from limb to limb. He was a Red-Tailed Hawk, a fairly large bird. The doves scattered when he lit. He left in a minute or so, empty handed. The next day about noon when it was raining, I saw him dive in again, but didn't see where he went, and the doves scattered as before. Not seeing him move, I turned my back to our backyard. Later, after the sun came out and dried things off a little, I noticed downy dove feathers being blown about on the patio and a small pile of dove feathers on the lawn. He had scored a hit, apparently, and killed a dove in our backyard. He must have carried the dove off to his nest. Or, maybe it was a she.

Next appointment: Monday, 8:50am, with Oncology. The diagnostic results... and a plan.


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