Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21st, 2011 A Week of Change

I hope to see some changes this week. The plan has been tweaked. I will now receive the full brain radiation instead of the "Steriotactic" focused tumor killer rays, at least at first. Despite the rumor, or misunderstanding, the Steriotactic radiation is not off the table nor have I been "removed" as a candidate for it. I didn't know this was an election. Everything is still on the table. The last radiation treatment is scheduled for December 6th when I'll get a CT Scan and/or MRI to see the results. Then, it is on to chemo and the Mack Truck crash every two or three weeks.

The change, I'm told, is that my steroid medication will be reduced and I will slowly be weaned off of it. It is much too powerful to continue. So, I get the impression that it will be cut by 1/4th or 1/2 about mid-week and gradually reduced over the next few weeks. This will apparently cause mood swings along with short-term memory loss. Apparently, the short-term memory loss is somewhat permanent, which sort of defies the definition of short-term memory. By definition, it means temporary. But, my equilibrium should return to an even keel. So, I may be walking around in the backyard in a circle, yelling at someone for drinking my coffee that I have in my hand!

I will continue Lasik until the end of my supply, another two weeks or so, to get the water under control.

The short term memory problem suggests I need to make a few lists:
1. Medicine schedule, with some means to adjust it as time passes.
2. Log ins and user id's to various things. I'm sure none of these are in long-term memory.
3. WayMar plan:
    a. Move the home base to Indiana. (I don't recall that Indiana has a registration requirement at all).
    b. De-register it in California; Secretary of State.
    c. File last club tax return to Franchise Tax Board (next year).
    d. Have Dan pack up the file and take it home with him.
    e. Remove myself as an officer.
4. Don't leave the toaster plugged in.
5. Don't go upstairs to talk on the phone when there's a pot on the stove.

We've been eating our version of "quick" chili, five cans of Stags Steakhouse Chili, four cans of stewed tomatoes, one pound of the leanest browned ground beef, heated until hot. It looks like we're in for a treat perhaps tomorrow night; Manhattan Clam Chowder. Sounds good to me.

Today's buzz treatment lasted a few minutes longer, I think. I walked in at 10:10am, they strapped me down on my back with my head in a plastic holder and a tight fitting formed face mask that all snaps to an X-Ray table. It keeps my head perfectly still. They pull the machine over my head. A buzzing sound starts and blue lights appear behind my closed eyes. It lasts a minute or so, goes off, waits, and starts again for another minute or so. They unstrap me and I get up and leave. Zapped. There is no noticeable before or after effect.


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