Thursday, November 17, 2011

November 17th, 2011 Day After The Verdict

Yesterday's Oncology visit brought us the verdict and the plan. I have stage four lung cancer that has traveled to the brain, and to my adrenal glands. All other organs, bones, lymph nodes, etc., are free and clear and I am otherwise healthy.

I have four tumors on my brain, the largest is a quarter sized tumor in the Cerebellum area causing the equilibrium imbalance. Two other dime-sized tumors and one BB sized are in various other places. These are the focus of the first part of the attack. I expect to get a call today from Radiation Therapy for immediately starting daily radiation treatments to target and kill these tumors. The targeted treatment will be followed by full brain radiation treatment. Total treatment to last two to three weeks. It is expected to succeed. I can expect temporary memory loss. This treatment will also allow me to stop taking the super-steroid drug I'm on.

After that, I will receive chemo treatments for the two lung tumors and the two adrenal gland tumors. These treatments may not be so successful. Remission is not expected. I got the impression that some level of holding can be attained for a period of time, perhaps years. The chemo will be administered once every three weeks to allow some recovery time between treatments. After that, I'll be monitored.

Comic relief comes with another pill, Lasix, to get rid of all of this water, about ten gallons (15 extra pounds). "You'll go a lot," he said. Well, yes, a day later and I can already see that. The problem is that "a lot" is a lot of trips and I would have preferred fewer trips. So, we're going to have a logistics problem of getting from A to B, quickly, when going to these treatments. I'm very likely to get very ornery if there's "Wal-Mart" stop or a "Macey's" stop along the way. This may get interesting!

My spirits are high and I feel fine. Looking forward to the morning and diners with friends and good company and cheer whenever it comes.


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Brenda Zimmer said...

You seemed to be in such good health when you visited last July. One day at a time, each one precious.