Friday, July 17, 2009

Indiana – Page Seven

We got a late start leaving Lafayette at about 10:30 A.M. Breakfast at Bob Evans was good but winding our way through the construction zone on Indiana Highway 26 – Interstate 65 intersection was slow; a short ¼ mile from the Days Inn took nearly 15 minutes! One has to be impressed with Lafayette. It has a rich history going back to the French Fort Quiatenon established in 1717 and has grown to a city along the Wabash River to approximately 200,000 inhabitants. There is also as much traffic congestion in Lafayette as I’ve seen around the Bay Area. Lafayette is the kind of old-new city one would like to get to know better. I’ve heard Dan say that one reason they moved to Lafayette soon after he and Cindy were married was because of Cindy’s Aunt Sandy who, if I remember right, taught Nursing at Purdue University. They’ve lived there 30 or so years. Someday I’ll listen to Dan tell that story.

On our way south on I-65 we tried to find a good radio station; a search we’ve tried several times since leaving California. I do believe that Clear Channel Communications, the premier right-wing talk company, owns or broadcasts on all AM stations east of the California-Nevada border and Rush Limbaugh must talk 24/7. I’ve found that finding a station where Limbaugh is not talking is rare. But, the guy who hosted yesterday must be the premier nut, and I’m sorry I didn’t catch his name. He suggested that the homeless should be “caned,” as in strung up by the wrists and whipped with a cane pole, “…like they do in Singapore, then they would get the message and find a job…,” he said. Wow! That’s about as extreme as I’ve ever heard. The station, I believe, was 550 AM Radio broadcasting from Cincinnati, Ohio and the host was talking to a local Cincinnati politician who was sponsoring a Cincinnati area homeless resolution through the city council. The politician, to his credit, did not take the bait and did not agree with the so-called Singapore solution, although he did not, to his discredit, verbally state his disagreement; he simply ignored the right-wing diatribe and continued to suggest a kinder approach. I’m sorry that I didn’t note the sponsors for the program. I’m surprised that the station is able to get sponsors for the show. By the way, Singapore does not whip the homeless; they provide a home and a job and they’ve done that since my first visit there and military briefing on the country as far as I know. Singapore is a Parliamentary Republic, similar to Canada’s government. The familiar thread through the host’s tirade, as with most right-wing talk-show hosts, is that they believe “other” countries are barbarians or, at a minimum, stupid. The fact is, from the sound of it, that the host is more barbarian than the countries he talks about. Why does this guy have a platform to broadcast his blather?

Chris and I listened long enough to be thoroughly disgusted then hit the off switch. Enough of that! On to Owensville.

We arrived at Diane’s and Jerry’s around 3:00 P.M., Central Time, gaining an hour from Lafayette that is on Eastern Time. Don’t ask. I have no idea why Lafayette, that is nearly due north of Owensville, is on Eastern Time. Maybe it’s something in the water in Lafayette. Diane was finishing up baking cookies and cake for the Kentucky Lake Clark-Kerns-Pegram-Reagan Family Reunion. I talk about restaurants along the way and the good food we eat traveling, but there is no restaurant cook that can cook like the women in the families listed above. We have some fine cooks in this family. And, I guess I can’t suggest that women do all the cooking. The men, too, can do some very fine Barbie-Q-ing. You name it, we can cook it… well, I suppose we’ll draw the line at something like Chinese or Indian foods. I suspect that curry is a little too exotic for us. We are likely to stick with good mid-western or southern cooking. Anyway, the cakes are ready.

All that aside, Diane and Jerry took us to the Feed Mill Restaurant and Bar in Poseyville. This restaurant is more like a barn and is apparently a chain out of Louisiana from the Cajun menu items. The Catfish was good and the menu touts “Fiddler” Catfish on Fridays. Fiddlers are relatively young Catfish between 8 to 10 inches long. If you ever get a chance to go to a Fiddler Fish Fry, go. You won’t regret it.

That’s the up-to-date news as well as I can make it. A thunderstorm passed through this morning about 2:00 A.M. and Chris was up watching the lightening and gully-washer downpour. She wanted me to take a look too, but I rolled over and was lulled back to sleep by the rain.


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