Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Indiana Bound – Page Four

Well, we will have to try Dude’s Steakhouse again next time. Doxycycline got the best of me, enough that I Googled the drug’s side effects and dosage instructions. I’m sure I read Kaiser’s instructions correctly, but it turns out that it should be taken with food, not on an empty stomach. So, I stopped taking it long enough to get my stomach settled. I’ll start again today at breakfast and see how that goes.

I talked with a retired U. S. Army veteran from Oklahoma. He owns his own weed spraying equipment and was working on a railroad project around Sidney. He gave an interesting account of going from state to state for jobs since his 1997 military retirement. He said that he had not seen the extent of railroad repair projects that were being done this year, primarily because of the stimulus money. He said the crews were larger and they were removing and replacing tracks for hundreds of miles instead of doing only minor repairs. His account sounded good to me. A complete overhaul is long overdue. I was surprised to hear him say a good word about Obama.

Nebraska is a pretty state. We saw lake after lake along Interstate 80, as well as green rolling hills, cattle, corn, soybeans and wheat and a blue sky with white clouds that I believe are different than other states. I could live here. Another unique thing about Nebraska is its Rest Stops along the highway. It has one about every 30 miles. I can’t say how much I appreciated that! We spent the night in Lincoln, NE.

We will probably enter Iowa by noon or so, and I hear it’s stormy there. We’ve change our route, too. We’re staying on I-80 to Chicago, or there abouts, then taking I-65 (I think) south to Lafayette, IN. Dan, get ready for a short visit before the longer visit.


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