Sunday, July 12, 2009

Indiana Bound – Page Two, Part Two

The coffee is good and the people are friendly at 6:30 am in the Evanston, WY Days Inn. I’m waiting on Christine to get ready to go, so I have an hour to kill. My friend George says he spent a night at the one and only rest stop in the Salt Flats between Wendover, NV and Lake Point, UT. I don’t doubt that. One can get sleepy on that long, straight road that seems to never end. In fact, there are signs all along the road that says, “Drowsy Drivers: Pull over and rest,” or words to that effect. The signs occur at least every two miles or so… so, it is a very boring stretch of road. So, whether George finally gave up half way across the flats and was overjoyed to see that rest stop where he could let his eyes close, or whether he just said “to hell with this!” and stopped commiserate with other travelers, I’m sure he had a good night’s sleep under the Utah sky.

But, that’s behind us and we’re looking forward to a day in Wyoming and it is a beautiful state. If we were on Interstate 90, just 100 miles north, we could stop at Devils Tower made famous, at least to me, in the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” starring Richard Dreyfuss. The Aliens made a secret landing, to all except a chosen few, on the mountain’s top. Speaking of secrets; today’s headlines tell of a secret CIA counterterrorism program kept secret even from Congress who is responsible for oversight of the agency. Apparently there is evidence that Vice President Cheney personally directed the CIA to hide the program from Congress because none in Congress could be trusted with a secret. Democracy didn’t serve us well in the Bush years it seems. If we don’t investigate and hold individuals responsible for their actions, Democracy will not serve us well in the future either. Democracy depends on the rule of law.

Can’t seem to escape Cheney! And, I can't seem to put it aside for a week or two!


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