Sunday, July 12, 2009

Indiana Bound – Page Three

We left Evanston, WY at 8:35 A.M. with me on an empty stomach. Doxycycline, to fight a tooth infection, must be taken on an empty stomach and I do believe that my system rejected the bottom half of my body. I was feeling better by noon.

I didn’t know today is Sunday! Dude’s Steakhouse is closed on Sunday. Crap. Yes, we drove 473 miles today to Sidney, NE and we made it by 4:55 pm, even without my ass attached. I can also say that the car’s gas mileage is great; 34.273 mpg today. But, don’t get too greedy trying to get the most miles from a tank of gas through Wyoming and Nebraska. There are stretches of 30 to 40 miles (and maybe 50) between gas stations. We were down to one notch on the fuel gage and very fortunate to find a card-activated gas pump in Kimball. The only gas station in town was closed, but the pump took my card; 13.2 gallons for a 14 gallon tank. Sheesh, that was too close.

The Great Divide got our interest today and it turns out that Interstate 80 runs along it until about the Wyoming 155 mile marker at which time it begins to climb to the top of the Divide. It peaks at 7,014 feet above sea level, according to my GPS. That’s higher than Tahoe. We were trying to coordinate our location with the map’s location for the peak when a highway sign announced our arrival, “Great Divide – 7,000 Feet,” then we began our descent Eastward. Just like that; no fanfare, no fireworks. We anticipated the moment for an hour, we knew we were close, the sign appeared, I took the GPS reading, and it was all over. I’m inclined to think The Divide is a woman. What’s the lyrics? Wham, Bam, thank you ma’am.

We’re staying the night at the America’s Best Value Inn, across the street from the closed Dude’s Steakhouse. We ate at the Oya Grill Mexican Restaurant 150 feet from our motel. The “y” in the Oya is spelled with Jalapeño Peppers. Hope my ass is unattached again tomorrow, or I’ll be sorry.

Chrissy drove for an hour or so today and I believe that’s what made me feel better. If there’s anything that will make me forget my own problems and physical ailments, it’s Chrissy driving; especially entering Cheyenne where “Business” 80 and I-80 part ways. It was at that moment, at 75 mph and the Business 80 exit adjacent to our position, that I heard “Oh my God! I need to take that exit!” From a semi-stupor I came fully alert and yelled “NO, KEEP THE WHEEL STRAIGHT.” The moment passed and thank God my ass was not attached or… Well, there’s no need to go into those tedious cleaning details.

The sky looks bigger in Wyoming and Nebraska. The storm clouds are moving in and I hear thunder. There’s nothing like a good rain for a good night’s sleep. We’ll have steak and eggs at Dude’s in the morning.


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