Saturday, July 11, 2009

Indiana Bound – Page Two

After a steak and eggs breakfast we managed to leave Elko, NV behind us at about 9:30 am. Ya see? We are improving on our departure time. But, alas, we didn’t make it all the way out of Nevada without ONE MORE STOP, at Wendover on the Utah border. Awk! But, we couldn’t help it. After several cups of coffee, it was absolutely necessary. Even as my brother Dan gave me good advice about the slots, i.e., to leave them behind, stepson Marcus won out by his partially right-on prediction “you won’t be able to get out of Nevada!” Well, we finally did.

We drove straight through Utah to Evanston, Wyoming, primarily because there is nothing in Utah if you’ve already stopped in Salt Lake City. There is not a single gas station between Wendover and Lake Point, UT, approximately 150 miles. So, forgetting to gas up can be a big mistake. There is nothing between except a dried up salt lake, one microwave tower that’s been designed to look like a tree and a single rest stop. Our phones displayed five bars as we passed the microwave tower; zilch bars over the other 149.75 miles. We did pass three intersections where signs indicated civilization in towns or villages nearby, but nothing appeared on the horizon, so you couldn’t prove it by us. Take your chances.

I think after a short nap in the Evanston’s Days Inn, I’ll be ready for dinner. Maybe tomorrow we can make Sidney, Nebraska, where there is a restaurant where the finest steak dinner can be had. That’s 456 miles and a bit far for one day’s drive. We’ll see. Maybe we'll cut that down to two days just to have that steak dinner. We'll never make the reunion on time!


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