Saturday, July 11, 2009

Indiana Bound – Page One

Well, so much for getting on our way in a big way. We left California about noon two days ago and, having left at noon, we got no farther than the Eldorado Casino-Hotel in Reno, Nevada the first day. My luck in Reno has always been nil, but we left Reno about 10:00 am Friday with an extra $80 in each of our pockets. For once, I felt no ill-will against Reno as its door hit me on the butt on my way out. We also left Reno thinking we could drive to Salt Lake City by dinner time. Not true. Nevada is using the stimulus money heavily on highway repair projects that reduce the number of lanes on I-80 to a single east bound lane in several long stretches of the highway where the average speed is 30-40 mph. So, we made it to Elko by 5:00 pm and decided that the next city was too far to drive and satisfy our dinner-time needs. (Sorry, Diane. When we talked on the phone and I told you we were close to Elko. I guess we were not. We were going 20 mph at the time and we didn’t arrive at Elko until 1 ½ hours later.) Chris, who is always good at finding good deals, called around for a reasonably priced room and we settled for The Stockmen Hotel/Casino. So, with the opportunity to win more at the slots, I soon dropped at least $100, maybe more.

So, my plan for this morning is to get the hell out of Nevada without, hopefully, losing any more money. It is 7:00 am as I type this, so it looks like we are going to get an early start. Assuming we are able to navigate through the stimulus projects quickly, maybe we’ll be in Wyoming by this evening.


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