Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Great Republican Traitorous Ponzi Society

Have you had enough yet? I have. I have had enough of corporate executive bonuses and stock options that suck this country dry. Every multi-million dollar bonus and stock option sale sucks money from the consumer, stock holder, assembly line, customer service, job, government tax revenue, community development, social service, school and any other aspect of American life you want to name. These guys and gals are traitors to this country. They use every excuse to justify their big bonus and millions of stock options. When their company is making money that could be put into company expansion or research, they say they deserve the money instead for their bonus and stocks because they showed a company profit. When their company is in a downturn, they say they deserve the bonus and stocks because they are saving the company from bankruptcy. When their company is bought out to prevent bankruptcy, they say they deserve their bonuses because they lead their company through hazardous times. When they ship jobs and manufacturing to other countries, they say they deserve their bonuses. In fact, everything they’ve done is to trickle-up the money to their own pockets at great expense to the United States.

The Republicans say, of course, that they should be able to keep their money in the form of tax cuts while they trade their honor for multi-million dollar corporate or lobbyist positions after their political lives end. At the same time, Republicans vehemently oppose giving to the poorest of the poor; those who don’t make enough to pay taxes. “Socialist redistribution” they call it. Bullshit! Enough! Is there a single Republican or super-rich willing to support this country? Corporate thieves, traitors to America, need to be in jail. I have had enough of million-dollar offices, corporate jets for the top dogs, multi-million dollar bonuses for people who already have million-dollar salaries, and multi-million dollar stock option sales that the companies ultimately pay. The whole Republican laissez faire philosophy for the past 40 years has been a great ponzi scheme to suck this country dry, and they nearly succeeded. They’re still trying.

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