Sunday, January 4, 2009

Brent Walters and GodTalk

KGO Radio’s Sunday morning GodTalk with Brent Walters is probably the most interesting and original discussion on religion, and Christianity specifically, in the United States today. He puts Christian belief in historical context. Listen for a few shows and you’ll soon get the idea that most, if not all, Christian believers in this country who follow the established Christian sects don’t believe in Christianity at all. In fact, as a caller this morning said, they are atheists and not Christians at all. Closer to the truth, perhaps, is that they are pagans; practicing a polluted form of Roman paganism and false Christian gospel.

If we really did practice Jesus’ teachings, we wouldn’t be in the situation we are in today, and you don’t even have to believe in Jesus to follow His teachings. We would be more charitable, more loving, more caring and less greedy, arrogant, angry and accusing. You would also turn off all of the well known Christian leaders in the U. S. today; Dobson, Warren, Perkins, and more like them because of their false gospel.

Even atheists, who claim to believe that dust is the final human form, can’t deny that humans are more spiritual than animal and that good supersedes evil every time. Doing good is good for the spirit. When are we going to get around to satisfying our spiritual needs instead of our animal gluttony?

The fact is that fear keeps us from doing the right thing. We’re afraid of not supporting Israel. We’re afraid of being poor. We’re afraid of being like all other peoples of the world; of not being exceptional or superior. Maybe there’s nothing to be afraid of. How can a spiritual being be afraid? What can a spiritual being be afraid of?

I came across the term "Spiritual Being" several weeks ago in Why Faith Matters by David Wolpe, a Jewish Rabbi, who, by the way, was a guest on GodTalk a few Sundays ago. It seems to me that that is the key to our existence and explains our immortality. If we humans are Spiritual Beings, then no boss, manager, politician, army or nation can make us afraid; the spirit will go on. Brent Walters puts things back into perspective along those lines and adds truth and detail to the religions we've corrupted over the past 2,000 years. We need to get back to the point of it all. It isn't religion that's bad; it's the religious manipulators.

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