Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coulter is Back – God Help Us

The Bitch is back. Yesterday Ann Coulter appeared on The View and before that she appeared on Fox. Jeez, why do they give her a stage? The stupidity of this woman and the extent she will go to deceive simply takes one’s breath away. Well, she has a new book out and she has to sell it. So far, my take is that the book is based on fantasy that Coulter purports as truth of empirical data. She will twist any fact to suit her own purposes. That a network would give her a stage to spew her deceit and lies on us is astonishing.

Ann is really a freak and her public displays should be considered nothing more than a freak show similar to Barnum and Bailey of the 1930s; ape men, a two headed calf, dwarfs, Siamese twins, all meant to leave us aghast believers in some reality but was really deception. Please, save yourself from ignorance; don’t buy the book. If you must listen to Coulter, see her as a confused freak for entertainment sake.

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