Tuesday, January 20, 2009

America Has Changed its Mind

Today I am extremely proud of America when a black man takes the oath of the Presidency. America has changed its mind. Today, our credit around the world becomes genuine. Today, respect for America is advanced untold limits. Barack Obama becomes our President.

And it could not have been any black man who could be our President. Mr. Obama, a calm, pragmatic, thinking man, is the man we want and need today. Jessie Jackson, for example, would not have made a good president several years ago when he ran for the presidency. Nor are there any other men, black or white, today on the national scene who can do what Mr. Obama can do for us today. Today is more than simply overcoming our racial prejudices. Today is a day where we declare a solid departure from self-defeating ideologies; that we want business to prosper for America, that we want communities to come together for America, that we want our government to work for America, and that we want individuals to contribute to America. It is a good day, maybe the best day we’ve had in a century and maybe the best day America has had since our declaration of independence.

Today, faith and hope are restored with a great symbolic explosion of well-being. Today is also my older brother’s birthday. I wish he had lived to see this day. I would like to talk to him. He too would be proud of America today.

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