Friday, January 16, 2009

Bush is Going, Going, Gone

I didn’t listen to Bush’s exit speech. I know what he said, though. He said the same thing he’s been saying all along; he did what’s best for America, he didn’t sell his soul, blah, blah. Well, G. W. has been leaving for several months now. You should have seen, if you didn’t, Oliver Stone’s movie “W.” It is probably accurate. It depicts a man who fails at nearly everything, who quits before the job is done and who thinks everything is a joke and “Poppy” Bush, the 41st president, bails him out; except Poppy Bush couldn’t fix W’s gaffs as President. But, G. W. has a young (under 30 years old), starry-eyed speech writer from Danville, California who makes G. W. look good and can soften history for him. The fact is that G. W. is the worst president ever who will leave office without one single investigation into his abuse of power and unlawful actions. I guess it proves that “When a president does it, it’s not against the law,” as Nixon said. There ought to be a criminal investigation into his, and Dick Cheney’s, activities for the past eight years. They ought to go to jail.

But, January 20 will be an historical day. Someone said it would be a cold day in hell when a black man becomes President of the United States. Well, Washington D. C. is hell and it will be cold on January 20th. So, I guess they were right. The funny thing is that when you contrast Obama with Bush, it will also be the best day in Hell we’ve ever experienced.

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