Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Universe Lottery

“What did you get?”
“Earth, 1944, a human. What’d you get?”
“Nothing. My ticket came up empty.”
“Oh. I’m sorry. Better luck next time.”
“Yea. Maybe someone will give up theirs in hopes of a better draw next time.”
“When are you leaving?”
“In a few minutes. She will be impregnated anytime. If I’m not on time, the baby will be still born.”
“That happens a lot. Do you know anything about the family?”
“Yea. They’re poor and uneducated but he’s a hard and steady worker so they will manage. They’re happy, though. They already have two children, so I’ll have an older sister and brother. I wish He would let me keep my memories. It would be a lot easier if I could. Starting out in a poor family doesn’t always lead to a good life.”
“Everyone wishes that. He won’t allow it.”
“Then how do those myths originate down there? Some of them are close to the truth. They have to come from someone.”
“Yea. Some vestige of memory does pass through but you have to become a scribe, philosopher or religious leader to fabricate the myths. And also, you have become famous, which requires a lot of persuasion and stretching the truth; not always to His liking. Otherwise, you have no power to propagate the myth. He doesn’t care for the myths.”
“Yea, I know. With such a poor start, there’s not much chance of me becoming famous. More than likely I’ll simply be a believer in some myth or another, which may or may not turn out good.”
“Well, you can trade with me. Maybe the next draw will get you a better pick.”
“No thanks. I’ll take my chances with this one. I have to go. Maybe we can meet again after life.”
“Yea. Good luck.”

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