Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bollywood Hello

Bollywood released a new comedy, “Hello,” in which a technical help center has tech reps practicing American accented English and answering calls from technically challenged Americans, depicting them as stupid. I’m sure the situations include the old gag of the computer user calling in saying, “My new computer doesn’t work.”

After talking the caller through a number of tests, taking a lot of time, the rep finally asks, “Is it plugged in?”

“Plugged in?” says the caller, “what should it be plugged into?”

The rep then says, “do you still have the box it came in?

“Yes,” says the caller.

“Then, can you please pack the computer back into the box it came in and return it to the store. You’re too stupid to use a computer.”

Contrast that to the recent India government reaction to the terrorist attacks in Mumbia.


“Hello. This is the Deccan Mujahideen. We are now terrorizing Mumbia because of your corrupt cooperation with Pakistan.”

“Oh, okay. We will immediately dismantle our ceasefire agreement with Pakistan.”

So, how stupid is that? Hello?

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