Sunday, November 30, 2008


Thanksgiving has passed and it’s now time to settle in for the Christmas television shows. Scrooge is my favorite character so I’ll be sure to watch at least one version of the movie this year. George C. Scott played Scrooge best. Scrooge forfeited living for the accumulation of wealth. Low taxes for the rich no doubt contributed to his savings, like it does for the super rich today. Unlike the scrooges of today, the story book Scrooge lived frugally, but like the scrooges of today he expected everyone else to climb their way out of their own circumstance. If they couldn’t, even if his selfishness held them down, that’s tough. Life isn’t fair.

So, for all the Bob Cratchits of today, my Christmas wish is for the ghosts of Christmases to come to visit the scrooges of today. Maybe they’ll see the line of shoppers waiting to buy their last shirt for pennies on the dollar from the chamber maids who cleaned their bedrooms for the last time. Would that save their souls? Probably not.

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