Thursday, December 18, 2008

Chevron’s Duplicitous Hypocrisy

Has anyone seen the Chevron “Will you join us” public relations campaign? What a crock. It seems to me that Chevron should be joining America instead of us joining them. So, Chevron, my suggestions to you are:

  • ·         Make sure all of your oil tankers don’t leak and all have double hulls.
  • ·         Make sure all of your oil tanker operators are qualified to drive to make sure another Exxon Valdez accident doesn’t happen again.
  • ·         Make sure all of your truck tankers are converted to run on LP Gas instead of diesel so they pollute less.
  • ·         Make sure all of your gas stations don’t leak into the local community water supplies.
  • ·         Pay your full taxes so that local and state governments can afford schools to make the public better informed and less ignorant about their country and its vital needs. Didn’t you pay only $8 million to Contra Costa County of the total $36 million due?
  • ·         Pay your full taxes to help local and state governments pay for society improvements, including green projects that help governments reduce costs.
  • ·         Stop lobbying to evade good environmental laws instead of paying millions to evade or corrupt those laws.
  • ·         Use the millions you pay for duplicitous public relations campaigns to build renewable energy projects for public consumption at reasonable costs.
  • ·         Invest in truck tankers and gas stations that haul and sell LP Gas for public consumption instead of asking our government to use tax money to build that infrastructure.
  • ·         Invest in vehicle conversion facilities to cheaply convert gas engines to use LP Gas.

·         Just to name a few…

Of course, if you go to Chevron’s “Will You Join Us” web site to join the discussion, you are restricted from discussing any of the above because the “Community Discussion Rules” prevent any discussion off-subject. The site is monitored so that only discussion favorable to Chevron or is directly relevant to the chosen subject is published; Chevron’s subject.

Like I said, isn't it time Chevron joined America?

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