Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Last Genius

An article in the India Times suggested that Einstein may be the last genius. The article suggests that individual contribution to science is being replaced by institutional contributions because institutions have more resources. Institutions have always had more resources and that doesn’t explain individual genius or the lack of it. What does explain how Einstein was able to do what he did is that he thought about it. Galileo, de Vinci, Socrates, Aristotle and all the rest had no institutional lab or huge pool of resources to help, except their brain; they thought about it. Want another genius? Then start encouraging people to THINK. What seemed to be a common thread to all of the above great thinkers, and others, is that they understood the human state in this physical existence; that we are spiritual beings in a physical existence. How much could we improve our lives if we just think about it?

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