Monday, May 25, 2009

Rick Scott and Stewart Resnick – Criminals of our Time

Both of these men are notorious for sucking the life out of America through their scams. Rick Scott is the Bernie Madoff of the Columbia/HCA healthcare corporation that defrauded millions from tax payers, although he got off “Scott free,” pun intended. He is now heading the Conservatives for Patient Rights, a lobbyist organization, to fight President Obama’s universal healthcare initiatives. Guess what? If he wins, you, the patient, will have no rights. In fact, he’s a liar and a con-artist that is likely to use PR to convince you he has your well being at heart. He doesn’t. He’s a scoundrel. He should be in jail.

Stewart Resnick is another scoundrel. His Paramount Farms stores millions of gallons of water he receives from California’s Delta Conservation project and then sells the water back to the state in times of drought. He too should be in jail. He gives heavily to political, mostly Republican and conservative campaigns, to make sure he stays in the money. He too should be in jail. He’s a billionaire, however, and will be able to hire a hundred lawyers to keep himself rosy clean.

When are you going to get outraged by this crap?

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Anonymous said...

Actually Stewart Resnick donates money to whoever has a chance of winning. He donated more to Dems in the last election than to Reps. He donated to most of the Dem candidates as will as to McCain. He isn't loyal to any side. We need to wake up on both sides of the isle and realize that some of these people are playing all of us for idiots. They don't care who wins as long as they can garner favors. Gray Davis-a dem-was obligated by Resnick and gave him a top advisory position after Davis was elected. Davis also awarded Resnick's wife "person of the year" in 2003. Resnick has been in league with both Bushes as well. He masquerades as a "green" advocate but he is just playing both sides of the field.