Friday, May 22, 2009

The California Fiscal Joke

So, it happened that Sacramento couldn’t do the job it was elected to do, so they sent crucial budget decisions to the people in a group of special vote propositions. And, the people being stupid and persuaded by fear mongers prophesying the death of various programs and the “gimmicks” of Sacramento politicians, voted against them. Then, Newt Gingrich wrote an OpEd in the Washington Post about how the people voted against political corruption in California, as if he knew that, voted with knowledgeable wisdom to reject the propositions, and he somehow turned truth on its head by tying the vote to an overwhelming vote to reduce taxes. Imagine! Newt Gingrich, one of the most corrupt politicians in the last 20 years calling the kettle black! And today, Bill Lockyear is calling for a government bailout, once more passing on responsibility that he, the Governor and state legislature should be resolving.

Well, what did you expect? These propositions are too complex for the average person/voter to understand. They should have never been passed to us for approval. We, the entire population of California, are not informed enough to vote intelligently on these. The politicians in Sacramento need to DO THEIR JOB and manage state business. And, the people of California need to finally step up to the plate and pay for the needed state programs. The people also need to remove Sacramento politicians who are not willing to do their job.

California is in a mess and most of it is caused by ill advised propositions approved by the people; tax cuts, borrowing, special interest programs, you name it. C’est la vie, in a state of stupid people with stupid politicians. What a joke.

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