Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Fools and The Wise

I can’t help but feel that Dick Cheney is a fool when seen in contrast to President Obama’s wisdom. The President’s speech this morning on Guantanamo, the detainees and torture was a perfect pitch for Law and wise American values. Cheney, in contrast, sounds like a foolish child who is losing his candy, believing that the world is coming to an end if he can’t have it back. Cheney, in his speech this morning, cites Article II of the Constitution, the article on Presidential authority. His argument is foolish. It will never the less stoke the fire of the rash and ranting opinions from the Right.

With luck and a good deal of just ignoring the Republican dogma, we American’s may be able to pull ourselves out of the mess we’re in. On the one hand our economy is under a strain caused by Libertarian ideology. From another front we are challenged by climate change that appears to have passed the tipping point and we can expect devastation and death to a majority of the human race. The Republican Right Wing’s continued denial of climate change is also cause of our very, very late response to it, and we are likely too late.

Whether we overcome and meet the challenges we face really depends on our ability to ignore the fools. I’m not convinced we can since so many of our citizens seem bent on self destruction. So, for now, the fools still have some power of persuasion. That’s too bad, but it appears to be the way it is.

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