Sunday, January 1, 2012

I knew that...January 1st, 2012

I knew it wasn't an exercise thing all along. I tried to tell everyone that. But, I've had to listen to "you need to walk" for two months. In fact, I think Diane brought that up first, and I agreed at first, but quickly found out that walking didn't help. I kept walking and my legs kept getting weaker.

Since I stopped taking the wicked pill over two weeks ago, and I am walking better, everyone suddenly expects superman. So, yesterday Chris says, "you're walking better! See? Exercise helps." I didn't respond. It doesn't do any good to respond. And, yes, I am walking better but the real test is getting up from low sitting chairs or out of low car seats. I have to be careful where I sit because I don't have the leg strength to stand up from low seats and no amount of exercise helps.

Nope. I'm still helpless close to the ground. I no longer feel any effect from the pill, but it apparently is still working on my system.

Fifty-eight years ago today on January 1st, 1954, between eight and nine minutes past midnight, a baby was born in Gibson County General Hospital. A few days later he came home with tons of gifts from the county and businesses wishing the New Year baby well.

All I could see was red hair; more red hair than I'd seen on anyone. And, as I recall, very blue eyes. In ten to twelve months he began developing a sense of humor, a dominate feature of his life-long personality. He found nearly everything funny and it took very little effort to get him laughing, then giggling. It was when the morning playing began that I began having school problems. I was frequently tardy. "Playing with Dan," I told dad, which was true, but it was the giggles that caused the tardiness. We laughed so hard we forgot school. On other days when dad took us to school, I made it on time, but perhaps not fully dressed. There must have been a dozen days when I'd forgotten my shirt and wore only my undershirt. Dan had that way with us. I remember the embarrassment at the time, but I also can't help but laugh at the memory of that infectious giggle. Happy Birthday, Dan.


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