Monday, March 7, 2011

News Wrap - March 7, 2011

The noise this morning is Libya and the price of oil.  The suggestion is to take oil from the National Reserves, the oil the United States keeps for "emergencies."  I say again, EMERGENCIES.  That's bullshit.  "Well," they said, "it won't really help the situation in the Middle-East and it won't stop the real reason the price of oil is high.  BUT!" they said, "It will boost the people's confidence."  CONFIDENCE?  CONFIDENCE?  Are you effing kidding me?  I'll tell you what will boost CONFIDENCE.  Stop the commodity speculating on oil prices on the Chicago Board of Trade!  That's what will boost CONFIDENCE.  When speculators can't drive up the price of oil just because they're afraid that the price of oil will go up, that's when the price of oil WILL NOT GO UP.

Food prices was in the news this morning.  High food prices in the Middle-East (and now China too) are the primary cause of the uprisings and revolution, which in turn is prompting Senators McCain and Kerry to talk about military intervention in Libya, and other places.  The price of corn is sky high because thirty percent of the U.S. Corn crop is now being used to make ethanol, which of course is Bush's fuel crop that was supposed to get us off of Middle-East oil.  IT WAS SUPPOSED TO WEAN US OFF OF MIDDLE EAST OIL!  Bullshit.  All it did was cause the cost of corn to sky rocket which in turn made it TOO EXPENSIVE TO BUY FOR FOOD!  And, oh yeah, commodity speculators buying CORN FUTURES drove the price up even HIGHER.

The city of Vallejo, California was in the news today.  It filed for bankruptcy a year or so ago.  Thirty-percent of its police have been laid off and they don't patrol half of the streets anymore.  All of the fire stations in the city have closed.  They call fire fighters from Benicia, Martinez, Fairfield or Hercules, all several miles away.  Usually by the time the fire truck arrives, whatever is burning HAS BURNED DOWN.  They need JOBS, they say, so they want to bring in Target and Walmart and Home Depot, big box stores.  Bullshit.  TARGET, WALMART AND HOME DEPOT are the stores that DESTROYED YOUR CITY, IDIOTS.  It is those stores THAT TOOK ALL OF THE BUSINESS AWAY FROM THE STORES YOU HAD, IDIOTS.  But, I suppose that the big box stores will come in to finish the job, to turn Vallejo into a ghost town.  Just like a drug addict, you have to hit the bottom before you realize your next step is into the grave.  Then too, there are some that never realize when they're at the bottom.

Homeless in San Diego was in the news, along with the twenty-effing year of the so-called WAR ON HOMELESSNESS.  Bullshit.  The only thing happening in San Diego for the homeless is a retired guy who volunteers to hand out water to the homeless.  WATER?  WHAT ABOUT FOOD?  He has no organizational support.  THERE IS NO ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT.  THERE IS NO EFFING ANY KIND OF SUPPORT!

Then there are the NEW HOMELESS who have lost their homes BECAUSE WALL STREET BANKERS CHEATED THEM!  Listen and weep.  AND, THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE EFFING BANKER IN JAIL!  Bullshit.


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