Monday, January 17, 2011

Wishy-Washy on Wikileaks

Personally, I consider Julian Assange a common thief. But, I have to admit, I can't wait for the release of this stuff, BBC News - Wikileaks given data on Swiss bank accounts. I hope we see some outrageous data on some very influential people so we can fire them, take them to Internal Revenue Service Court, tax the hell out of them, audit the hell out of them and once and for all get our money back. I hope we can boot any politician out of office who helped rip us off, too. And, finally, I hope this stuff educates all of us.

I had mixed emotions over the release of the diplomatic cables, but it was those cables that led to the overthrow of Tunisia's government and, according to what I've read about that government, that wasn't a bad thing. And, it sure was interesting to learn that President Bush was personally involved in getting our New Zealand Embassy to block the showing of Micheal Moore's documentary in New Zealand. And then, he had Karl Rove do a poll in New Zealand to see if our embassy's actions had affected his "popularity" in New Zealand. Huh? Bush is more concerned with what New Zealanders think than the other pressing matters in his office? I have to agree with Mr. Moore; it's paranoia in the White House.

So, we'll see if Wikileaks has any de-mythifying news about bankers and companies that evade enormous taxes through their Cayman Island post office boxes. Don't we already know?


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