Thursday, January 13, 2011

The KGO News, er I mean No-News Team

Simply amazing. The KGO Morning News Team of "Jen and Ed," Jenifer Jones-Lee and Ed Baxter, no-clue news team did it again. This time I think they've given me the final clue to the mystery of "why" they don't have a clue. They spend their time in a bubble or asleep. They are so focused on following the morning schedule of advertisers and announcements that they don't pay attention to the state, national or world news at all. They haven't got a clue at what's going on outside of their little world.

It was only a simple question that did it for me. They were interviewing a Congresswoman, whose name they mangled so I couldn't catch it, about the vitriol in the public debate, when Jones-Lee ask, "So, do you think the vitriol has increased lately or has it been around a while and we just didn't notice it?" DIDN'T NOTICE IT? HUH? Where in hell has she been? A person had to have lived under a rock for at least fifteen years not to have noticed it! And, that the vitriol is getting worse.

Well, there it is, people. The reason KGO is turned off at my house. It hasn't got a clue. Someone there needs to fire a few people.


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