Monday, August 16, 2010

World Trade Center and the Muslim Mosque

It is amazing on how much noise and hate the Muslim Mosque in New York has stirred up and how twisted the explanations are fighting the Mosque. I also heard President Obama speak about Freedom of Religion and the right to put a Mosque or Community Center on the private property at that location. I know what I heard him say. Nobody needs to tell me what I heard. I didn't hear him endorse or not endorse the Mosque and he didn't need to qualify his statement on my behalf. But, all the pundits are shouting out interpretations of what he said. What I do notice is that most of the noise is coming from white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

Then, today I heard a sound bite from Rush Limbaugh saying that President Obama is our first "un-American" President because he spoke of the Constitution's Freedom of Religion. What rubbish. Are you kidding me?

I wonder what those who died in the World Trade Center would say. The last count I've found said that 2,752 people died there, from seventy nations and of all races and ethnic and religious backgrounds. They are not all white, Anglo-Saxon Protestants. Here is a list. I see all kinds and shapes of people. I'll bet that if they heard how stupid the arguments are that they would say, "let the Law of the Land prevail." Our Constitution is the Law of the Land. Either we live by it, or we live in anarchy.

I've had it with intolerance.


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