Saturday, August 28, 2010

And One More Thing

As the very same people who insulted all of those who are for Freedom of Religion and our Constitution when they marched against the Mosque and are today amassing in the Washington Mall to insult Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I have to say one more thing that maybe hasn't been thought of regarding the so-called outrage against the Cordoba House (the Mosque) and against those other Mosques across the country.

Do you realize that our troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan are fighting along side of and training Muslims? Do you realize that our mission there is to win the hearts and minds of Muslims in those countries? So "they" can fight for their own war against Taliban oppression? The single most thing America is known for the world over is our Freedoms, and we are respected for it, and people yearn to come here because of it. If anything has made us great in the minds of people, it is our Constitution. How then can we win the hearts of minds of those who fight with us against the radical elements who would do us harm if our own people will not stand for freedom and tolerance?

The fact is that we can't. The movement against Freedom of Religion will affect the minds and hearts of millions of Muslims who want peace with us and fight with us. The so-called Glenn Beck Rally will affect our troops within our military, probably causing dissension among our troops. These movements are insults to anyone who took an oath to protect the Constitution. They are insults to General Patraeus in Afghanistan whose sworn duty is to do his best to project our Freedoms in Afghanistan, to train its military and police forces who are Muslim.

So, what is driving these movements? Is it spite? To do anything and everything to oppose our values out of spite? To dismantle our government? To disrupt our society? To "strut" in front of our neighbor? Where are those who would speak out against these movements? It seems that Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin are doing bin Laden's work for him.


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