Monday, May 3, 2010

Big Executive Payday Ripoff

The thing that caught my eye in this article, Big Paydays for Chiefs of Top Media Companies -, is that CBS Corporation made $227 million in 2009 and nearly 20% of it went to its top executive, Leslie Moonves, who was paid $43 million. Does anyone else think that's a bit much?

I can't bring myself to buy CBS's stock for that reason. Hell, I don't even like Katie Couric let alone anything else on CBS. Come to think of it, what else IS on CBS? I don't think I know.


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Dan said...

Seems like this pay thing should go both ways. If the company profits...the leaders profit...fairly. But if the company runs in the red...then the leaders pay is $0. Seems like good incentive for leaders to do their job.Employees and 'profit sharers' have to pay the price for bad leadership. Leaders must be accountable as well.