Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Immigration Law Revised

Has anyone else noticed how quickly the history of United States Immigration Law has been revised in the past few days? I'll swear that two days ago this country had immigration laws, but you wouldn't know that this morning. In the past two weeks Arizona made its own immigration law that, according to the Rachel Maddow Show, one of the most factually accurate shows on television, was at least partially written by a racist non-profit Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) organization, and the arguments for immigration laws have moved from "enforcing our laws" to "this country must have immigration laws." And, this morning I hear that Senator Lindsey Olin Graham, Republican of course from South Carolina, has crossed his arms and stuck out his bottom lip, pouting, and said in effect in a whiny, childish voice, "I won't work on the Climate Change legislation until this country has immigration laws." That's breath taking.

And if that wasn't enough, and as a complete show stopper for the Party of "No," Senator Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican Minority Leader from Kentucky, said words to the effect, "This government shouldn't be making immigration laws. That should be left up to the individual states." If Graham's statement was breath taking, McConnell's sucked the oxygen out of the atmosphere. We are now 100% polluted... climate change is complete.

Neither of these idiots know anything about the Federalist Papers that, by the way, explain why our founding fathers created the United States in the first place. In a sentence, they did it TO CREATE A CENTRALIZED GOVERNMENT SO THE STATES WOULDN'T BE GOING WILLY-NILLY DOING THEIR OWN THING. For Christ's sake. Could it be any clearer? The most pressing problem they had after the Revolution, way back then, was that the lose confederation of states, each doing its own thing, creating their own laws, was a mess. PLEASE read the first paper written by Alexander Hamilton. He stated the reason in the first sentence. And, another by the way, Hamilton created our Federal Finance System AND taxes to "sustain the federal government." So, pay your taxes. And, a third by the way, you implicitly agreed to abide by the Constitution when you were born in, or naturalized under our immigration laws by, this country. So, get with it or leave it.

How time flies. Was it only yesterday when I was trying to understand "epistemic closure" as it applied to the Conservative Movement, the GOP, Palin, Limbaugh, Beck and rest of the gang? It is a condition in which valid "knowledge" stops growing because information, influence, beliefs and ideas are false or based on "Bush's gut feelings," and one simply accepts what their told without further research, or information is accepted because, as a Stanford University document suggested, "a warm feeling between the toes." In other words, just because you heard the word "freedom" at the pool hall or the Limbaugh radio show doesn't mean that you know what it means. I suggested that epistemic closure could be described as "brain dead." Brenda suggested an alternative "ignorant" and I agreed that would do too. But, maybe I was a bit hasty. The word ignorant implies that there's a way out. That education cures ignorance. Brain dead, on the other hand, suggests that there is nothing else that can be done, except, of course, voting these idiots out of office. So, I'm going back to my original thought. They're brain dead. Ignorant doesn't explain the phenomena enough. The only solution is to vote them out of office. We could elect a single-cell amoeba and get better results.

And, for God's sake, don't go to Arizona anymore. It doesn't need or deserve our tourist dollars or business, since nobody will be working there anymore. All their laborers will be leaving the state. You won't be waited on if you stop to eat there. Oh, and stop talking about "Irish" immigrants, as I heard someone mention - sort of lumping all immigrants in an illegal pot. In addition to Jose and Jesus, who I think very highly of and who don't need their papers checked, I know an Irish immigrant too, who is a better American than all the Tea Partiers put together. You'll really piss me off if you start picking on him.


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Mark M said...

I've never been to Arizona, and unless this law is repealed, I don't think I'll ever be going. No matter which why they try to spin it, this is a racist bill. I'm an immigrant, but because of my skin color I doubt that I would be stopped on the streets of Phoenix and asked for my papers.