Wednesday, April 28, 2010

California Proposition 16 is a Fraud - Don't Vote for It

My buddy Mark sent me a copy of an email he's been getting saying "PROTECT YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE," vote Yes of Proposition 16. It's a fraud, folks. It is funded by Pacific Gas & Electric Company. PG&E wants you to approve a California Constitution Amendment to require two-thirds vote in your local community if your community wants to develop new sources of electricity, such as through Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) Program. Your community could, then, get cheaper electricity through the CCA.

But, if you approve Proposition 16, you will forever have to have two-thirds of your voters approve new electricity needs for your community. If you can't, you have to get your electricity from Pacific Gas & Electric, at their price. It is very difficult, if not impossible, to get two-thirds approval for anything.

This proposition is not about democracy. It's about forcing PG&E down your throats.


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John Geesman, former Calif. Energy Commissioner, 2002 - 2008 said...

Rarely has a company treated its customers or the voters with such contempt for their intelligence.