Friday, March 12, 2010

Lindsay Lohan - Tricks to Fame

I watched the E-Trade ad during the Super Bowl and I liked it. I thought it was cute. I also liked the idea that E-Trade had an ad during the Super Bowl. That meant to me that it was still a viable company and my stock in it will grow. I don't remember the slightest connection between the ad and Lindsay Lohan. In fact, I don't think the name the ad used, Lindsay (or Lindsey), whatever, even registered with me. The idea that the name Lindsay alone would identify Lindsay Lohan to me, like Oprah or Madonna identifies those personalities, is a preposterous idea. Until Lindsay Lohan's lawyers sued E-Trade for $100 million, Lohan was like background noise that filters through more important things when she's drunk and arrested or breaking parole and then only for a second. Her antics are quickly pushed back, out of mind, while, say, my grocery list becomes more important.

She must believe that her drunken antics are on everyone's mind, else why would she equate the “ milk-a-holic” Lindsay in the ad to herself? She also has a very high opinion of her own fame to think that a public relations and marketing firm would think of her, and deliberately refer to her, when developing the ad. Oh, and is she broke? Probably. Otherwise, why sue for so much money? I see arrogance and greed written all over the lawsuit. It's frivolous. If it affects the company's stock, maybe we shareholders should sue her with a class action lawsuit.

Lindsay Lohan just went lower than background noise to me. The next time I hear the name, I may say, “ Who? Oh, you mean that airhead no-talent who tricks her way to fame?” Isn't she responsible for her own reputation? We need a new adjective, “lindsay,” so when we describe another person as a “ lindsay,” we all know what we mean. The lawsuit is going to cause her more grief than happiness.


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