Monday, November 2, 2009

Turning Off KGO Talk Radio

We've listened to KGO 8:10 AM Talk Radio for a long time, but I've had enough. Aside from the fake controversy they like to fabricate, I've noticed an increase in scams being advertised on the station. I understand that a radio station makes money solely from advertising. And, I also understand that some, a few, scams may pass through the station's screening process. So, this morning I noticed an ad about making “$87/hr working at home” for which they gave a web link to a work-at-home scheme called Google Profits , which of course lead to three or four more schemes for making money at home using Google. It is a predatory scam, so I wrote KGO a note through the station's Listener Feedback about the scam and I went on listening.

Unfortunately for KGO, my sense of hearing was tuning in on its advertising and within 30 minutes I heard at least six more advertisements for scams: “I lost 47 pounds in Castro Valley,” “visit to make $55,000 a year on the Internet,” and on and on. My last Listener Feedback was, “I've turned you off because you turn me off with your scam advertisements.”

I'm listening to KCBS 7:40 News Radio now. It doesn't have “Talk” in its title. It does news.

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