Monday, November 16, 2009

That Annoying Yahoo!

Sheesh... Talk about in-your-face advertizements. Yahoo has a new website home page and it is annoying. Every time you roll your mouse over a navigation link, a window spreads out over the entire page you're trying to read. What an annoying behavior.

And then there is this behavior. I followed a link to a story I wanted to read and the goddamned ad overlays half of the first paragraph with no way to close the ad. Ah, but there is another “roll your mouse over” trick to see the whole ad. Aren't we cute and tricksy?

I'm familiar with web designers in companies. Usually web sites are designed not by trained web designers, but by some over eager, self-absorbed and self-appointed designer in the Sales and Marketing Department whose only agenda is rising to the top. That appears to be the case at Yahoo, Inc.

There's two ways to pronounce “Yahoo,” in my opinion. First the “Cowboy” way, preferred by the company. Second is the way Dad may have read it; “Y ā y-hoo,” which he used to describe neighborhood hoodlums and unsavory characters in the community. In the community of web hosting corporations, Yahoo is a Y ā y-hoo.


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Anonymous said...

I'm right with you on this Dave. The new Yahoo annoys the hell out of me.