Sunday, September 13, 2009

No Government Tea Parties – No American Tea Pots

The subversive movement continues with complete lack of awareness of its effect on the United States. Yesterday, several thousand idiots gathered in Washington D. C. to demonstrate their “No Government” stand for “Freedom.” One guy said, “I’m just an ordinary citizen here because of what I believe.” His point was that he wasn’t paid to be there, he wasn’t recruited by some right-wing organization and he wasn’t influenced at all by anything other than his beliefs. But, that’s not true because if he knew the truth and if he knew of the influence of the right-wing propaganda machine, he would not be there. Nobody ask him what his favorite news source was or what cable news or radio stations he listened to most. The odds are that his favorite cable news is FOX News and his favorite radio stations are Clearwater stations; the source of nearly all the right-wing propaganda in this country. He was heavily influenced, even brainwashed. He just doesn’t know it and wouldn’t admit to it if he did.

The effect of these “No Government Tea Parties” is that the United States has no consistent national policy on anything – and that will be our downfall. We can’t discuss important issues anymore without descending into idiocy; a state of complete disregard of truth and fact. Two things happened over the past few days that should ring alarm bells so loud that they get our national attention, but they didn’t. The first is that the Supreme Court took up the issue in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission as to whether a corporation has the same rights as a natural born human being; whether it has “Free Speech” or not. The second thing that happened is that China contracted with an American company, First Solar, and a Chinese company, Suntech, to build the world’s largest solar Photovoltaic farm.

Citizens United is the Republican right-wing organization that produced the anti-Hillary Clinton movie during the primary election. The movie was funded by corporate money and subject to restrictions of campaign finance law. Citizens United claims the law is unconstitutional because it restricts free speech of corporations. But, corporations are chartered by human beings; they are not natural born. So, Justices Alito, Scalia, Roberts, Thomas and Kennedy appear ready to overturn the law and a 2003 precedence to give corporations free speech. Katie bar the door when that happens. You and I will have no chance to compete with corporate money in elections or even making new laws in our Congress. Corporations, labor unions and just about every chartered organization out there will be allowed to out-shout the common citizen with huge amounts of corporate money. So, while Tea Parties are shouting “No Government,” the Supreme Court is holding its own “Tea Party No Government” session. Democracy will die because corporations will be making our laws to suit them, not America. The only thing that can overcome the apparent Supreme Court ruling that’s coming is a consistent national policy of public election funding, i.e., taxpayer paid elections. See how we paint ourselves into these corners?

The other thing that happened is that China is building a 3,000 megawatt solar farm in Mongolia that will supply 3 million homes with renewable, clean and “Green” electricity. The alarm that should be going off in huge headline letters is: “CHINA IS GOING GREEN BIGTIME!” But, the Tea Party Group doesn’t believe in “Green.” It doesn’t buy into the Global Climate Change, so it’s more likely that the United States will NOT join the technology revolution that’s sweeping the world. China will dominate it, however. China is not stupid. The next industrial revolution that is coming is in Green Energy and China intends to lead it. The truth is that it doesn’t matter whether you believe that Global Climate Change is coming or not. The truth is that the Green Technology Revolution is coming whether you like it or not, and if you’re not part of it, then you lose. So, the Tea Party Group will stir the pot until the United States has no national policy for renewable, Green energy and we will not join the revolution, our solar and wind power companies will not be able to compete with Chinese or European Green companies, we will not get the benefit of new production, factories and labor skills in our country, and our Gross National Product will not grow with the world. We lose – China wins. We will use the old, dirty, inefficient coal-heated Tea Pots instead of the new, efficient solar powered Tea Pots. Instead of paying Saudi Arabia for oil and gas power, we will pay China.

Now, do you want to join a Tea Party? Do you think we get more freedom if you do? Do us a favor. Turn off FOX Cable and Clearwater radio stations. The United States will be better off without those stations and all the Glenn Becks they support and the Tea Parties they spawn.


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