Saturday, September 26, 2009

Michele Bachmann and a Kentucky Census Worker’s Death

The first person I thought of when I heard of the Kentucky census worker’s death was Michele Bachmann, the crazy Congresswoman from Minnesota. If you haven’t heard her raging against the 2010 Census and the “big, bad” government “getting your phone number,” then you must not have a television, radio, computer or newspaper. Michele, the government already has your phone number. Remember when AT&T and Verizon gave them all, along with all your phone records, to the government during the Bush II Administration? That was to tap your phone.

I’ll bet my laptop that if all the facts were known about the census worker’s murder, the motive that influenced the killers would lead back to Bachmann and her anti-government tirades. Words do mean something. And the wrong words influence people to think unfounded thoughts and some to do evil things.

Another trend I’ve been seeing is that more and more reporters, blog writers and columnists are quoting Mark Twain, especially his quote, “Suppose you are an idiot. And, suppose you are a member of Congress. But forgive me, I repeat myself.” Dear God, Mr. Twain is right. We’ve gone crazy.


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