Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The New Weak Chicken – Rush Limbaugh - Ha!

Every farm boy who’s raised chickens will know about the weak chicken. Every chicken coop has one. Chickens have a peculiar behavior regarding that weak chicken; they will peck it to death. It is an odd thing to witness and is especially prevalent in young chickens. As one weak chicken dies, another is chosen and all other chickens gang together to peck the new one to death. Mature chickens don’t seem to participate in this behavior unless one is injured in a fight, and chicken coop fights are nearly constant.

It is pleasing to see that the Republican coop is fighting and may have a wounded chicken, Rush Limbaugh. I couldn’t be more pleased. We, as a nation, have had enough of Limbaugh’s philosophy to last us a lifetime and it is time for him to bow out of public view. It won’t be long until Republicans begin to gang up on Rush and start pecking. I can hardly contain my glee and can hardly wait to see the outcome of this chicken fight. Squawk. Squawk.

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