Tuesday, March 10, 2009

God’s Math

David Wolpe agrees with my thinking in Why Faith Matters. I too can’t quite separate God from science and I, in fact, believe that every day and with each new discovery we come closer to the mind of God, as Einstein said. Wolpe appears to agree, although I believe he goes too far in saying that we will “never” prove God scientifically. Well, even if we did we wouldn’t recognize the moment or the significance, so maybe he’s right; we will never prove His existence to our satisfaction. There will always be someone nay-saying.

But, I was intrigued by a Quantum Mechanics discovery, actually a rediscovery, regarding “entanglement” where distant particles affect the other instantaneously, without any regard for the maximum speed limit, the speed of light, in physics, without “directly touching” the other and without any definable “position” when it does. And, the distance between the particles doesn’t seem to matter; from one inch to the width of the universe. Instant messaging from across the universe. That blows the mind. Ah well, you’ve got to read the article since my explanation is grossly deficient. Needless to say, it sounds like mystic stuff to me and completely counterintuitive. To my very humble way of thinking, things have to be next to each other, “local” and touching, to directly affect another, except for God. The Entanglement theory says that non-local messages cannot go slower than the speed of light. Well, God is fast. Believers already knew that.

Quantum Mechanics is taken on faith by all non-physicist, believers and non-believers alike. So, it is all faith, which is why I like David Wolpe’s book.

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