Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dear Senator Boxer,

I appreciate and thank you for your efforts in the Senate. You've done well overall. I've gotten more involved in supporting Democrats since 2000 when I gave what I could to support Vice President Gore. I was very disappointed when I watched him give up the fight at the Supreme Court. I then supported Senator Kerry and I was very discouraged to see him ravaged in the media by a bunch of lying Karl Rove flunkies and highly paid marketing firms - and Kerry couldn't seem to recover or fight back. I supported you in your last campaign over Carly Fiorina, who I couldn't stand. And, I supported Diane Fienstien in spite of her many Republican leaning votes in the Senate, succumbing to the conservative right over and over just to be civil.

It makes me sick to see what has become of our country, and even sicker when I think that I spent 20 years in military, retired from it, and then to have extreme ultra-right idiots take over the Congress and, persuaded by their absolute purity of ideas, obstruct Obama at every turn. I don't think I served to have that happen. I supported and voted for Obama and his message of hope and change. I haven't seen any of either.

I'm not a wealthy man. This election I'm taking a different track. I'm not going to give to any Democrat PAC, campaign or support group because I haven't seen a single instance where the Democrats have stood up to the ultra-right fanatics and I don't hear messages from the Democrats that are framed to win. I hear only excuses. This year, Democrats are going to have to win without my money. Oh, I won't support Republicans either because I can't stand them. I'll likely vote Democrat, unless I see a candidate that has a chance to get this country back together, one who is willing to stand up to the Christian and ultra-right fanatics. So far, that ain't you nor anyone in the Senate or White House at the moment.

Pass the word to Harry Reid. He needs to get a back bone, as all Democrats in Congress need to do. It was obvious to me last year that the Republicans could not be reasoned with. I don't know why you and Reid and the others didn't see that as well.


Dave Clark
Castro Valley, CA

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