Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Okay, Let's Take Her Down

This kind of Republican political bullshit ticks me off. I happen to believe that the Republicans are so far removed from reality that they are preposterous. They've blocked every plan for the recovery of America. They've spent an inordinate amount of time on the most trivial pursuits in Congress after they gained the majority in the House. They have done and are doing everything they can to make sure Obama fails and they appear to be winning. They do everything they can to cause undeserved criticism of the Obama administration, and they're winning at that too. They constantly extort their philosophy by deceptive methods, twist or misrepresent the truth and any other means to delude the people. And so it seems that we are headed for a time of severe austerity when we should be stimulating the economy, investing in America, and gradually working into the plan of more austere debt reducing policies. They remain unconvinced of their own misguided ideas and are more than willing to sink their own country for their own selfish reasons. So, go ahead with Walker, Daniels, Christie, Perry, Bachmann, Palin, Romney, Huckabee and your other heroes who are more than willing to have other, usually poorer, people pay to benefit themselves. Let's see what happens.

The people, it seems, are like drug addicts and they are ignoring the doctor's warnings, such as the warning against short-term extreme Republican austerity policies that Ben Bernanke gave in his speech on June 7th.

Okay. Since an addict will not learn or change their ways until they hit absolute bottom, let's do it. Go ahead and vote your guys in and let's test their theories to the bottom. Perhaps that will be the end of them and the nonsense when, I hope, everyone wakes up, finally, once and for all, and learns that we cannot put a self-regulated economic system above human needs, desires and rights. Perhaps, I hope, people will actually learn that not investing in their own country is actually a bullet in the head. Let's do it. It's the only way to the truth.

Personally, I can do a third-rate developing country. I can hack being poorer, no healthcare, no military pension (even though YOU promised) and begging on the street. So can my kids, although I wish they didn't have to go there. I'll live through the worst of times, God willing. It will be heart breaking, but I can watch my brother, sister, nieces and nephews and their families go through bad times when I'm unable to help. The pain inflicted will last fifty years or more, but I can hack it during my short stay here.

But, while I'm here, KNOW that I'll know WHO did it and I'll be in your face and I won't be your friend and I won't be quiet.


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