Saturday, October 30, 2010

Let's Play a Game of Life or Death

It strikes me that we don't give much thought as to what band wagon we jump on, or where that band wagon might lead. Take for example the abortion issue. I listened to a radio talk show early this morning about abortion and there were callers from both sides, for the freedom of choice and that a woman should have a choice on what she does with her body, and those for the life of the unborn child. It was evident by the pro-life callers that they were not willing to compromise one iota on the issue. It seemed to be their position to save the child over ALL other considerations. I happen to believe that I know people like that and I know some that lean in that direction, although hesitantly. The show ended, both sides adamantly opposed to the other.

I wonder what reality would bring when faced with a choice that will break your heart. Let's play a game with your wife, your daughter or your granddaughter, all of child bearing age, to see what you really think. A game of "pretend" life or death. I make the rules.

First, let's give that woman a set of circumstances that life may hand her, unfortunate circumstances that none of your family would wish on her, but never the less has happened. Let's say that she was involved in an accident in her teenage years with which she must live with for the rest of her life. Let's say that the accident caused a physical impairment that could get worse if she were to ever get pregnant. Perhaps there are metal screws in her pelvic or spine that literally hold her together. She must be careful when not pregnant; keep her weight under control, be cautious of undue physical strain, etc. But, pregnancy is even more dangerous. In fact, if she were ever to get pregnant she could; 1) be paralyzed for the remainder of her life, or 2) die from carrying the child to full term. Those are the only choices - my rules.

Second, let's say a congressman or senator managed to get a law passed that made it illegal to have abortions. Finally, we have a law that makes criminals of women who have abortions! Yeah! Absolutely no abortion is allowed. You voted for a congressman with similar views. Perhaps you would have worded the law a little less severe, "tweaking" the words to suit your views. Perhaps you would have worded the law so that "some" abortions were allowed; such as for incest, rape, danger to the mother, etc. But, since you were anti-abortion, pro-life, any argument you may have with the exact wording of the law is way too late. Whether you like it or not, you got your wish.  My rules.

Question 1: You must give this woman a name and an identity. So, which woman in your family is she? Your wife? Your daughter? Your granddaughter? Your niece or your cousin? (Pick someone who will likely break your heart if something happened to her)
Question 2: Do you believe in the freedom to conduct your life the way you want to, even for life itself? Yes/No

Do not continue beyond this point without answering the above two questions--- be honest.

Game 1:
The person you picked is married to a good man, they are on their way to a good life, they have healthcare (even Obama-care!), and then boom! She learned during a doctor visit before becoming pregnant that she should not get pregnant. But, in spite of all they did to prevent it, she became pregnant. Something didn't work. A mistake happened, another unfortunate accident of life. The doctor gives her the gruesome diagnosis; carrying the baby to term will either kill her or paralyze her for life. The doctor said, however, that the baby would likely be fine through birth. She choses to abort the pregnancy and travels to a country where the procedure can be done. She is emotionally torn and severely depressed and wishes life hadn't dealt her the hand she has.

What's your choice?
What would your choice be if she ask for your help BEFORE traveling to get the abortion?
Which do you chose? The baby? Or the mother you've come to love?

Game 2:
The same conditions as in Game 1, except this husband and wife had no healthcare (not even Obama-care) and she did not know, because they had no doctor, that she should not get pregnant and, therefore, they didn't try to prevent a pregnancy. In fact, when she learned from the self-administered pregnancy test that she was pregnant, she was elated. If only they had healthcare and could have found out earlier. And, when you learned that you would be a grandmother, uncle, aunt, whatever, you congratulated them heartedly. You were glad for them. They delayed the doctor visits until the last resort - they cost way too much. As she neared the end of the Second Trimester, when the fetus is nearly fully formed, she begins to have pelvic and spinal pains that she can barely tolerate, so they finally went to a doctor. After a number of expensive tests, which they paid for until their savings was totally depleted and they requested state aid, they learned that if she carried the child to term, she would be paralyzed or die. In fact, the doctor said, one more day may be dangerous to the mother. They were in complete shock and denial. They didn't know what to do. There was no time to make a decision! The mother was in total despair. But, again, the doctor said the baby would likely be fine through birth.

What would you decide for your loved one? Which do you chose, the mother or the child?

Question 3: Do you believe in the freedom to conduct your life the way you want to, even for life itself? Yes/No (Does it agree with your first answer to the question?)

Were you willing to play the game of life or death?


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