Monday, July 5, 2010


I'm giving everyone a vacation from my rants. For the next two weeks or so my wife, Chris, and I will be traveling, so you get a break. I don't know, at the moment, at what point my butt will start dragging from exhaustion, but I know it will happen because I've never been able to keep up with Chris. She's a go, go, goer and a shop, shop, shopper of the highest order. But, if I get the chance, I'll post pictures on Facebook and try to write about the people we meet and the sights we see. Our itinerary is Stockholm, Paris, fast train to London (through the chunnel - yikes!) and back to Paris.

I also have a promise I need to fulfill to Mark, a friend who, at a young 23 years old, dared to immigrate to the United States essentially alone in 1993. It takes a special person to brave an unknown country with little or no help and I want to tell his story.

I also have at least two more Vietnam stories to write, but they are difficult and I'm not at all sure I can write them. We'll see.

Au revoir, until we meet again.



Dan said...

I am excited for, and envious of, you. Hope you have a great time and I am sure there are some stories out there waiting to be written upon your return. Safe travels, don't forget to have some fun and see some sights.

Trudy said...

Yes, send pictures, have fun, tell more stories!
love, Trudy