Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dark Queen Sarah Palin - The Next Despot in the World

I wonder if the Tea Party movement and its Queen, Sarah Palin, isn't the way all despots in history began. I see a lawless, discontented mob, ignorant of the Constitution and laws of civility, who believe freedom means absolute freedom to do anything without the slightest regard for their neighbor, community or country. I see an anti-American, anti-government movement that ignores the democratic process that elected a President. It, the Tea Party movement, clearly wants a government coup that puts Palin in the White House. That would be a disaster.
Her comment that Obama could rouse support by “playing the war card” shows her own inclinations; to start a war with Iran for her own political gain. Her finger on the nuclear trigger as an American President should cause the hair on the back of your neck to stand up. She would plunge the world into chaos and darkness for her own glory. Our Congress would have to show some serious backbone, that it does not now have, to stop her. But, with an electorate more than willing to vote into office people like Senator Richard Shelby, who will hold up important legislation for his own political career, or people like Michele Bachmann who is absolutely bonkers, would they? Our military leadership would, for the first time in its existence, have to say “no” to its erratic and psychotic civilian Commander in Chief. But, as President and after appointing new military leaders, would they?
The Tea Party gang and Queen Sarah is that faction James Madison was so afraid of. They are “the Beast” Alexander Hamilton feared. They are unruly thugs that appeal to the most base of animal instincts and have somehow twisted the meaning of freedom to satisfaction of prejudices, self-servitude and greed. She and they have no discernible, reasonable knowledge about anything. We should fear the Dark Queen Sarah.

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Dan said...

Palin, and those like her, are quick to tell how the President is wrong...but have no 'realistic' alternative that will make things any better.

A lesson I, and many of us learned years ago. "don't tell me what's wrong with my plan...until you come to me with a better one."