Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Massachusetts - The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back

I guess we are not our brothers or sisters keeper after all. When money is involved, we don't care what happens to others or to America for that matter. We'll believe just about anything, especially outrageous claims, lies and tea party rubbish. We also don't really care what a politician's beliefs are as long as they “talk a good talk,” as loud as possible whether they walk it or not, and “smile and shake your hand.” We prefer to be ignorant. That's the message I got from the Massachusetts vote.

I suppose that the vote could be seen as a message to Washington to stop the dirty dealing, such as that done for Senators Max Baucus and Ben Nelson who got “special deals” for their states in the Senate version of the Health Care Bill. Maybe Massachusetts voted against “bribes for votes.” But, the bottom line is that this is what Massachusetts voted for when they elected Scott Brown.

  1. Stopping the Health Care overhaul because Brown said it was too expensive, despite the fact that the Congressional Budget Office estimates that the current two versions, the House's and the Senate's, will reduce the U. S. deficit. So, the poorest in our country will go without health care.

  2. Stopping the climate change initiatives because Brown says they're too expensive despite the fact that major industry leaders, such as General Electric, Duke Energy, Google, AT&T, Pacific Gas & Electric, and T. Bone Pickens, and a number of states, including California, see energy conservation and “Green” renewable energy as the only way to:

  • Ending our dependency on foreign oil, i.e., paying $700 billion a year to Saudi Arabia, Iran, Somalia, Brazil and Columbia, to name a few, some of which don't like us.

  • Ending our environmental pollution. I guess Brown doesn't believe we do that.

  • Create new jobs in a new industry that we're already behind in. Should I mention how long ago we really invested in America? It's been a long time. Maybe Eisenhower was the last President to do so, with his Highways Across America project. How far could your car, or your highway cargo (say economy, stupid), go if he hadn't done that?

  • To name a few...

  1. Waterboarding – say “torture.”

  2. Laissez Faire, buyer beware, economy. It's okay with Brown if you don't have consumer protection against credit card or bank predators. Fat-cat bonuses is okay with him. A company selling you a scam is okay with Brown. It's buyer beware, isn't it?

Just to name a few...

I would have voted against Brown simply because I'm against what he stands for. So, I guess I would have voted for Martha Coakley who, as far as I can tell, never said what she stood for. Still, that's better than Brown. Better a sheep than a wolf.

With the Massachusetts voter ignorance as indication of the widespread ignorance in America, I don't have much hope for the future. I should have expected it. Voter ignorance gave us Bush, Cheney and Congresswoman Michele Bachmann didn't it? Brown has the same spots.


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